Shuttle XS35GT v1 and v2 BIOS upgrade without Windows

This post contains mostly same information as earlier WDIDLE / WDTLER post. This time we just create bootable USB stick for XS35 BIOS update instead of playing with HDD parameters.

FreeDOS USB boot image was originally created by Derek, thanks!
# Below assumes your USB stick is /dev/sde. DOUBLE CHECK THIS!
# Unmount any partitions OS might have automounted first.
mkdir -p /opt/xs35gt
cd /opt/xs35gt

# Get FreeDOS image, unpack, write to USB
wget or
# wget
bunzip2 FreeDOS-1.1-USB-Boot.img.bz2
dd if=FreeDOS-1.1-USB-Boot.img of=/dev/sde bs=4k
# Refresh Linux partition table list and mount USB
mkdir mnt
mount /dev/sde1 mnt
# Download XS35GT v1.0B and XS35GTv2 v2.01 BIOS
wget or
# wget
# wget

# Unpack and copy to USB
mkdir tmp
cd tmp
unzip ../XS35_SHB.10B.ZIP
unzip ../XS35V200.201.ZIP
mv XS35_SHB.10B/DOS/ ../mnt/XS35GT
mv XS35V200.201/DOS/ ../mnt/XS35GTV2
# Create empty AUTOEXEC.BAT to skip data / time prompts on bootup
cd ..
touch mnt/AUTOEXEC.BAT
# Unmount USB as we're done
umount mnt