Setting up XBMCbuntu 12 based HTPC - Part 2 - Install

Installation of XBMCbuntu is fairly straightforward and default settings are fine. Install will take less than half an hour.

  • Download XBMCbuntu 12 RC3 from or local mirror.
  • If you're creating bootable media from Windows grab Linux Live USB Creator (or from mirror).
  • On XS35GT insert XBMCbuntu USB install media and hit F11 on system startup to pick proper boot device.
  • Hit Enter when you see keyboard and hand icon on bottom of screen.
  • Select English as language.
  • Select fixed dpi 120x120 install option.
  • Wait...
  • Select English again.
  • Select "Download updates while installing" (yes, you should have Ethernet cable connected to DHCP capable network).
  • Select "Install third-party software".
  • If you get prompted for upgrade of existing install don't. Just select erase everything. Don't use LVM. Don't enable disk encryption.
  • Select your location and keyboard layout.
  • Use "xbmc" for both computer and user name.
  • Enter password and select automatic login. Don't enable encryption.
  • After install completes reboot and remove USB stick.
XBMC is now installed and usable. There's still plenty of more to do - stay tuned.