Sunday, October 09, 2016

Vectorworks 2016 SP4 crashes on startup with Intel HD graphics

Vectorworks 2016 SP4 keeps crashing on startup with fault in module IG75ICD64.DLL when running on Lenovo W540p laptop with Nvidia Quadro 1100M. This laptop has also built-in Intel graphics and troublesome DLL is part of Intel driver package.

Upgrading to latest drivers from Nvidia and Intel websites didn't fix problem. Upgrading to latest Nvidia Optimus driver package from Lenovo and disabling Intel graphics solved problem at cost of battery life due Nvidia being always active.

Get latest driver from here:

And follow instructions on this thread to turn off Intel graphics and always use Nvidia only:

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  1. Another useful resource with a list
    of the most requested NVidia drivers download for Windows you can use them for their intended purpose.
    The last time I used the drivers, I'd some problem with the motherboard. But after the update and restart of the PC -it is working, I'm so happy about it!


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