Tuesday, October 04, 2016

Dell DW5560 and other Ericsson 3G WWAN modules with Windows 10

There's Dell drivers for Windows 10 but they fail to install. Reason is that you first need to upgrade firmware of Ericsson 3G WWAN module.

- Download and install Communications_Driver_CNYGV_WN32_8.2.5.0_A00.EXE
- You'll get error during install, just ignore it
- Download and install M6PTD_A00_R4A10_Setup_ZPE.exe, this will upgrade WWAN to R4D02
- You'' get error from this one as well after firmware upgrade, just ignore it
- Done, DW5560 is now visible under network devices in device manager and will show up just like WiFi after you insert valid SIM card

You can now go to very latest firmware available by using upgrade from Lenovo. It works also for Dell branded units and upgrades them from R3C11/R4A10 to R3C11/R4D02.

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