LTE 450MHz performance

Seems Ukkomobile has fixed their provisioning setup. LTE network itself came up last week, but only DNS traffic was allowed and all tcp/80 traffic was hijacked to infinite 302 redirect loop between and

Signal strength seems to be ok, getting 4 of 5 bars on leds and diagnostics page of Huawei router shows RSRP -92 dBm, RSRQ -5 dBm, SINR 9.0 dB and RSSI -75 dBm.

So it was time for quick benchmark. Speed is steady 3,5Mbit/s in and exactly same 3,5Mbit/s out. Latency without load ~20ms and while transferring data ~120ms.

Client devices get IP from Huawei router gets private IP from subnet from ISP which is then natted by provider to IP from range. Double NAT - I don't like it but that's how it is these days. Subnet is Fujitsu Finland service network and based on whois registered for Onninen Oy. Unless there's some unpublished deal between Onninen and Ukkomobile that part might be outdated information on whois registry.

DNS servers used are Google Public DNS (, Also connection doesn't seem to be completely transparent. Trying to test performance of connection using Ookla always fails in upstream test. Either preconfigured Huawei router Ukkomobile sent or something in their network is causing problems.

Cardboard box Huawei router arrived had sticker on side saying it's nn of 490 shipped from China to Ukkomobile. Since each box holds six routers with assumption that all boxes contained same equipment there's at least 6*490 = 2940 of these devices destined to Finnish market.