What's inside Huawei B593u-12 LTE router?

There ain't many pictures showing innards of B593u around and even less ones with any details. This obviously needs to be fixed.

Two screws on bottom.

Warranty void stickers covering them.

One screw on back between external antenna connectors.

Board front.
- Internal on-board LTE antennas on top left and top right
- External LTE antenna connectors on top left and top right
- Small black ICs next to antenna connectors are GPIO controlled RF switches allowing software selection between internal and external antennas
- LTE module EM920u-12 on center (minipcie socketed)
- SIM card socket on middle left
- Power button on left under SIM card socket
- Side USB port bottom left
- Power input bottom left
- Rear USB port on right of it
- Two VoIP ports between on bottom center and their driver chips on top of them
- Four yellow Ethernet LAN ports on bottom right
- Ethernet magnetics between LAN ports and LTE module
- On-board WLAN antennas on bottom right corner
- Three buttons on lower right side, from bottom to top WLAN, RESET and WPS
- On left of buttons there's Broadcom BCM5358 SoC, Spansion 16MiB SPI flash and Hynix 128MB DRAM
- Above these is 256MiB NAND flash connected over internal USB bus
- Left to NAND flash is two serial ports which DO NOT work despite promising silkscreen labels
- On top of NAND flash is JTAG port, haven't tested but all compoments appear to be there

Back of the board.
 - Serial console is on top left right below JTAG. Four solder tabs without thru board holes.

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  1. thanks for sharing!!!

  2. Voiko laitteeseen asentaa ulkoiset WI-FI antennit jollain tavalla?


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