Repairing beeping Lenovo T440p

Laptop powers on but nothing on screen. This is often because eeprom (Winbond W25Q32FVSIQ, 32Mbit / 4MB, 2.7V - 3.6V, SPI/QPI) loses programming over time and one day laptop will simply no longer boot. At first it will blink some leds on keyboard and turns off. Then it will degrade to just beeping on boot.

Get CH341A programmer. Since flash is 3.3V model do not use included 1.8V adapter. Make sure you use 3.3V, not 5V - there's jumper on CH341A.

See for how to connect wires and use programming tool.

Remove battery and open bottom of laptop, remove RAM and connect programmer to flash chip on U49.

Connect programmer to USB port on Windows PC, install drivers, launch CH341A_c.exe (v1.29) as admin. 

Select Type: 25\26 SPI FLASH, Manu WINBOND, Name W25Q32FV.

Click Detect and ensure chip is properly found.

Backup old (bad) bios just in case by reading and saving it to disk.

Program chip with "Lenovo Thinkpad VILT2 NM-A131 W25Q32 U49.bin"

Disconnect programmer, install RAM, close bottom, install battery, power on and flash BIOS v2.47 from Lenovo.

Newer bioses contain meltdown / spectre fixes slowing PC down. Make sure you also disable meltdown / spectre mitigations on OS side - see and for details.