Upgrading Sierra Wireless 319U firmware

Sierra Wireless 319U is fairly decent USB 3G dongle that supports up to 42Mbit/s DC-HSPA+. However it has nasty tendency to randomly hang.

Ever since Sierra sold thier USB dongle business to Netgear finding firmware updates has become difficult. It's been always difficult to be fair.

Netgear website does not offer firmware upgrades to 319U, but they do have upgrade (N_2_0_8_1CAP) for Telus branded variant of 319U. This worked ok with my Sierra 319U that had older and buggy N_2_0_5AP firmware.

Latest available appears to be N_2_0_8_6AP which is also what Juniper recommends on their KB article linked above. Since Sierra 312U and 319U are same device (apart from different formfactor) I simply downloaded upgrade for Telstra branded 312U and flashed it to generic Sierra 319U.