"New Skype Meeting" option missing from Outlook 2013 calendar

Clean Windows 7 install with latest Office 2013 from Office 365 and latest Skype for Business 2015 (The Application Formerly Known As Lync) also from Office 365. Problem is that "New Skype Meeting" option is missing from Outlook calendar options. There's just empty space where ribbon bar button should be.

Guess what. It's a bug. Bug that no one else has ever seen because still unfixed, right?

First we need to use well hidden option to close currently running Skype for Business. You need to click down arrow next to gear symbol on upper right side of client, then File and finally Exit. No, clicking misleading options named Close or Sign Out won't do any good.

Now it's time for more hidden options, on Outlook side this time. Click File on left upper corner. Then Options and under Outlook Options go to Add-Ins. On bottom of screen change value of Manage dropdown list to COM Add-ins and then press Go button. Uncheck "Skype Meeting Add-in for Microsoft Office 2013" which is despite claiming to be Skype add-in actually Skype for Business add-in.

Close Outlook. Restart outlook and go back to COM Add-ins enabling Skype. Start Skype for Business and click New Skype Meeting under Calendar. It'll finally work as it should have worked straight after install.

BTW, what kind of moron decided to rename Lync to Skype for Business? Oh I know. It was that same idiot who renamed Groove to OneDrive for Business even when it has nothing to do with OneDrive. Now all we need is Microsoft to rename Xbox to Office and their unified branding experience experiment is complete.


  1. I really like your sense of humor and thank you for the information. You saved many people, including me, precious time. :0)

  2. thanks a bunch! this is the exact answer I was looking for


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