Friday, September 02, 2016

Convert Huawei E3372h-153 from HiLink/router-mode to Stick/modem-mode [ UPDATED 2016-09-02 ]

This is updated version of my original post. I purchased additional modem that's externally identical to old one but had different serial port USB ID (USB\VID_12D1&PID_1442&MI_00) missing from earlier driver pack causing original instructions to fail. I have also included latest Stick-mode firmware I've found and corrected some incorrect information on original post.

Modern Huawei USB LTE modems can be used in two very different modes. Default is HiLink mode where it functions as router doing NAT and other nastiness much like more traditional 4G routers connected over WLAN or Ethernet. Unsurprisingly default mode is HiLink, but luckily it can be changed to Stick mode getting rid at least one layer of NAT and related issues.

Actually there's also third mode which is subset of Stick, instead of native NCM interface it uses legacy PPP over emulated serial port. This can be sometimes useful with older routers with USB port but you won't be able to reach full speed in this mode.

Internet has plenty of information on how to do that. As it often is not all of that is true. Most interesting bits are also written in Russian. Despite huge improvements in translations from Google Translate it's still a bit of hit and miss.

Following these instructions will also resolve Error Code 19 and "brick" with Error Code 13 (rapidly flashing green led). Which is also why some steps may seem bit pointless at first. Feel free to skip them and then start again from beginning when Mr Error #19 and Mrs. Error #13 bite you. :)

You'll need Windows PC for this. I've used 64-bit Windows 7 and Windows 10 PCs myself.

If you've tried this before coming to here I'm sure you've seen those "open" instructions. Those are for older models like E3372s and won't work with E3372h.

Hold tight!

  • Visit either one of these sites to calculate device specific "Flash code" based on your IMEI and write it down. Depending on current firmware running on your device you may or may not need Flash code later. Better be safe and get one ready so you don't get stuck.
  • Download and extract this ZIP that contains required tools, drivers and firmware images
  • Install "[1] Mobile Broadband HL Service" by running mbbServiceSetup.exe
    • Installs RNDIS driver
    • Installs service to switch from CD emulation to RNDIS (like usb-modeswitch on Linux)
  • Install "[2] Datacard Driver" by running Driver_Upgrade.vbs
    • Installs serial port drivers (including FcSerial needed by some devices)
  • Insert E3372h-153 with HiLink firmware to USB port
    • Preferrably directly to PC, avoid cheap chinese USB extension cables.
    • Open Device Manager and verify that RNDIS interface is present under Network adapters
    • Open command prompt and "PING" to make sure HiLink firmware is running
  • Run "sw_project_mode.cmd" from "[3] Switchmode E3372h" folder
    • This will enable "PC UI" serial port required for firmware upgade
    • Wait until you can see it under Ports in Device Manager
    • "curl: (56) Recv failure: Connection was reset" error is expected and should be ignored
  • Run "Update_WEBUI_17." from "[4] Huawei E3372h WebUI"
    • This updates user interface but doesn't touch rest of the firmware.
    • If you have Error Code 13 this will fix it. Code 13 ("Authentication failed") is caused by failed attempt to flash firmware resulting in Error Code 19 ("Download failed").
    • See HUAWEI_Module_Firmware_Upgrade_Guide_on_Windows_V100R001_01(5).pdf for complete list of error codes.
    • Wait until WebUI update is complete and you can ping again.
  • Run "sw_project_mode.cmd" from "[3] Switchmode E3372h" folder
  • Run "E3372h-153_Update_22." from "[5] Huawei E3372h-153 HiLink FW" folder.
    • This upgrades (or downgrades) your HiLink firmware version. You may need Flash code from one of those calculators to do this.
    • Wait until HiLink update is complete and you can ping again.
  • Run "sw_project_mode.cmd" from "[3] Switchmode E3372h" folder
  • Run "E3372h-153Update_21." from "[6] Huawei_E3372h-153 Stick FW" folder.
    • This finally changes firmware from HiLink to Stick. You may need Flash code again.
    • Wait until Stick update is complete. You can no longer ping and RNDIS adapter has changed to "HUAWEI Mobile Connect - Network Card".
  • Run "putty.exe" from "[7] Putty" folder
    • Find serial port name from Device Manager, for example in case of "HUAWEI Mobile Connect - PC UI Interface (COM15)" port name is COM15
    • Click Serial on right hand side of Putty screen and type COM15 or whatever your port is.
    • Click Open on botton of Putty
    • Type ' ATE1 ' without quotes, you won't see what you type and DO NOT try to use backspace. If you did it right you got ' OK ' as reply. Ignore ^RSSI etc. lines you might also see.
    • Type following commands one per line to see info about your device and verify connection works. 
      • ' ATI '
      • ' AT^FHVER '
      • ' AT^VERSION? '
    • Get current SETPORT value by typing ' AT^SETPORT? '. You might want to write these down if you ever want to revert back to defaults. Mine was ' ^SETPORT:A1,A2;12,1,16,A1,A2 '.
    • Set new SETPORT value by typing ' AT^SETPORT="FF;12,16" ', this is claimed to disable CD emulation and modeswitch requirement but actually it only disables unnecessary ports appearing after modeswitch. So you still need automated switch from CD emulation to WWAN with "Mobile Broadband HL Service" or "usb-modeswitch" in Linux.
    • If you want to keep PPP support for example for older router with USB port use ' AT^SETPORT="FF;12,10,16" ' instead. Remember that you won't get full speed with PPP.
    • Reset modem by typing ' AT^RESET '.
    • Close Putty now.
  • Done. 

Your E3372h is now in stick mode, presents itself as NCM device that's compatible with Windows Mobile Broadband feature and also with huawei_cdc_ncm under Linux. You don't need 3rd party mobile tools on Windows. This means to connect Internet use built in features of your operating system, stay away from "Mobile Partner" etc. 

If you prefer keeping HiLink why not root it? :) If you don't root it someone else probably will given Huawei track record on security... There's excellent writeup and step-by-step instructions in English from Ivan. Modeswitch tools are also from him. 

Rest of files were collected from links found on and

P.S. You can get E3372h-153's from Ebay for 29€/each including shipping from Latvia. Downside on these cheap ones is broken locking tabs on top cover. This is because they're LMT branded and were superglued shut with LMT SIM card inside.


  1. thanks for your help, everything worked with a new lmt 3372h-153! (via -dash

  2. Thank you. Life saver for both error codes and for PPP trick as well. Owe you a bear mate.

  3. Thank you very much! I converted my dongle without any problem.

  4. Grazie mille!!!
    Thank you, worked flawless..but still not working with my dovado 4GR...any idea? Or should I switch to another router?

  5. I did it, thanks....., but now i can't connect to internet (under XP sp3 - error 678), and even under Ubuntu 14, i can't create connection.....any idea, what is wrong - parameters?????

  6. Thanks a mil. GREAT guide. Finally got my stick in non hilink mode.

  7. Error code 10 after bad Flash :-( how fix IT?

  8. Tutorial on the rating 6.
    Instead e3372s got from the seller e3372h, described the software change process flawlessly - thanks to you it worked.
    Thanks a lot
    Thanks a lot

  9. Thanks you so much. Finally, My modem is converted. :)

  10. Hi, it looks like I'm stuck at [3] Switchmode E3372h sw_project_mode.cmd

    curl: (56) Recv failure: Connection was reset
    Press any key to continue . . .

    1. Hello, It happened to me too but I just ignored and marked that step as completed(on my mind) and continued. Finally I converted my modem successfully.

    2. try to install driver for modem

  11. Hi, nice walk through, but I'm stuck trying to flash the WebUI in step 4, getting the #19 error. My stick is on firmware and WebUI Update Wizard is not asking for any key but stops working when it is just about half way. Stick restarts and after a while I get error #19. Rgds Sven

    1. Start from the beginning as mentioned on this post.

    2. I have the same problem (firmware, WebUI, step 4 fails with error #19.
      Starting from beginning won't help, either.

      Also, the stick doesn't respond from IP, but from, which can be modified to cmd scripts.

    3. Thanks for the procedure and tools.
      Unfortunately I have same problem here as mentioned by Gar and Olli.
      While loading WebUI firmware, it stops working when it is just about half way, and then error 19 pops up. Also I see that the "PC UI" port disappears from the Device Manager right after Web UI firmware loading has started.
      And I also get the error "curl: (56) Recv failure: Connection was reset" after running "sw_project_mode.cmd". IP is not, but as was mentioned before, I also changed it to the script.

      Dongle is DNA branded E3372H-153 and my PC has Windows 10 64bit.
      Web UI -versio:

    4. i am haveing the same issue. i have tried everything i can think of but it still stops halfway after downloading the webui, and while it gets stuck there the PC UI port disappears. i have tried it on different machines no luck.

    5. hi. For anyone having the same troubles as me. Recent firmwares are locked against updates. But there is one way to do it:
      It worked fine for me and i finally have the configuration i want together with openwrt. But it requires you to open the device. Google translate helped a lot. Let me know if there is a step you don't understand. For example i didn't remove the battery because i didn't find one, i simply disconnected and reconnected the device.

    6. Hi, thanks for the hint. due to my bad russia and the google translator... could you please describe what you have done to make this possible?
      i have
      Hardware version: CL2E3372HM
      Software version: 22.315.01.00.1080
      Web UI version:

      best regards!

    7. I have updated to FW 2x.315 anf then thru serial terminal (PC UI port) simplz switch modem to default mode 'AT^SFM = 1' and then continue the the guide.

    8. Thanks Unknown! For a firmware locked E3372, the steps are really easy:
      1. Run "mbbServiceSetup.exe" from "[1] Mobile Broadband HL Service"
      2. Run "Driver_Upgrade.vbs" from "[2] Datacard Driver", take note of the PC UI COM port number that is created in Device Manager
      3. Run putty.exe, connect to the PC UI COM port
      4. Type "AT^SFM=1" without quotes
      5. Close putty
      6. Run "E3372h-153_Update_21.315.01.00.143_M_U_01.01.exe" or whatever version you want to flash
      7. Wait until device restarts, and you are done!

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  12. Hi,

    Thanks for gathering the info and putting them together here. I've got one problem now : how can I use it on linux?

    It's now working as NCM Network Control Modem instead of CDC Ethernet Control Model and I see a wwan0 in if config but I can not reach the Internet.

    Any clue on this?

  13. should the microsd card work in such stick mode modem? I put a miscrosd card in the slot but windows doesn't see it.

    1. Like another Anonymous commented try playing with SETPORT values. You could start with: AT^SETPORT="FF;12,16,A2"

  14. No (AT^SETPORT="FF;12,16"), you should be able to add it with proper AT^SETPORT=.

  15. Wonderfull !! Worked fine with my E3372h-153 ! Very nice ! Thank you so much dude !

  16. Hi
    I have E3372s-153 dongle.. I have difficulties finding firmmares (HiLink / Stick FW) for S model..

    Can you assist on this on?

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. Here is the way and files I used to switch my e3372s-153 from hilink to stick

    4. I managed to get Hilink away from E3372s-153 - how ever Dongle is not any more working on Windows workstation.
      My usecase is to use it with WLAN router and dongle is working now well with it.
      So I didn't find out what caused the problem that it does not work in windows.

      Gnuton thanks for the files for S-model .. I will test to update the stick with those

  17. did anyone get ipv6 working after after this convert?

  18. This comment has been removed by the author.

  19. I'm about to do this on 50 modems.. I might try to put together a tool to automate the process (depends on whether my boss wants me to put in the hours to do so)

    1. Hi, did you ever put in the time to automate the process?
      We need to do it for +250 devices...


    2. If yes, can you contact me on

    3. can you share your tool ? have to do 20 sticks :(

  20. Help me please i have my huawei with green flash light, i enter with com port 3 with putty, send comand like ate1 but it don't respose

  21. Very well written, thank you.
    Is there any procedure to revert back to Hilink ?

  22. Because this site helped me a lot I would like to share a tiny bit of knowlage that also helped me.
    I had Error 13 and/or Error 19, both with very often flashing blue led on the modem. That means modem hanged in "download mode". Basicly it means that modem is a "brick".. To do anything with that you have to "unbick it".
    Download stript below, unrar files. Next check a COM number of your modem in hardware manager in your Windows and run a script from a command shell with parameter "COMXX" where XX is a number taken from your hardware manager. I always found two coms assigned to my modem, the second one from the list worked with the script.

    After that try to flash modem by using :
    "E3372h-153_Update_22." from "[5] Huawei E3372h-153 HiLink FW" folder.

    from THIS SITE!!! I tried about 10 other updaters and only one from this site worked. I'm not really sure why, but is seems that e3372h-153 are in at least two subversions and custom roms from one can make an error on other one and you finish with brick state modem (error 13/19).

    Thank you and good luck!

      pls this link is no more working... please upload again...


      please upload again...

  23. do you also have a tool which converts the e3131 hilink to non hilink?

  24. This shit broke my Win 7. Can't open device manager after steps 1 and 2. It just crashes Micro$oft Management Console. Tried to reboot but no. I guess I'll have to reinstall Windows now.

    1. OK had it fiex. I guess I had something else causing the problem.

      But I cant make the flash. I get Error 19 always. Marcins fix doesnt work either.

  25. Thanks alot. Got the "curl: (56) Recv failure: Connection was reset", but just ignored that and followed the instructions and it worked perfectly for my LMT-branded e3372h-153, which i ordered last week from ebay. I wonder if theres a later version of this: "E3372h-153_Update_21." from "[6] Huawei_E3372h-153 Stick FW" and if there is, would it be possible to just replace that file with a newer file?

    1. Let me know also if you find a newer version than that, which works.

  26. Hello, thanks for great how-to, I successfully converted my e3372h to modem mode.
    There was only one problem in my case, after switching mode in step number 3 there was no serial port interfaces available.
    It seems that in step 2 there are some missing drivers, after typing "fcserial.sys" into google i downloaded missing driver from link:
    Then I opened Device Manager and clicked on unknown huawei_mobile device and selected driver update and after that the serial port was detected.

    1. Thank you for this hint. I ran into the same problem and the drivers that you provided fixed it.

  27. Hello , thank for your great post , can i use it for E3372 Not E3372h ?

  28. Thank you for super step by step. I kill 2 days before found your post and convert e3372h to nonHilink mode in 15 minutes :). Also want know is safe to update to newest fw (or just use new fw in step 6).

  29. For some reason my usb dongle restarts when i try to do step 4. Anyone have fix for that? I have tried it now several times and everytime Uptade fails in Error 19. Any fixes???

  30. I needed the 3g/4g modem to disable the cd emulation but leave the SD card enabled (because I have a really tiny OpenWRT router that has 8 MB of flash, with this enabled I can expand its firmware features using the sd card in this device).

    this is the command I used (also leaving modem open) AT^SETPORT="FF;12,1,16,A2"

    Other interfaces are explained here

    Quoting relevant part here just in case
    found theese settings using AT^SETPORT, and AT^GETPORTNAME:

    1 - Mobile Data Modem (MDM)
    5 - GPS interface
    6 - control interface
    12 - PC UI
    10 - modem?
    16 - NDIS
    A1 - Virtual cd
    A2 - TF card reader
    FF - Dummy (disable modeswitch when using this as the initial mode?)

  31. Thank you for your great tutorial, it was very easy to follow.

    I've used Windows 10 (64 bits) and, for some reason, Putty was unable to connect to the COM port. I even tried running Putty as Administrator, but still no luck. So I booted in my Ubuntu 14.04 (also 64 bits), installed gtkterm and issued the following command under root account:
    gtkterm -e -p /dev/ttyUSB0

    This way you don't need to set echo on with the command "ATE1". After this, all the AT commands were successful.

    Meanwhile, my e3372h works in NCM mode under Windows, but not in Ubuntu. My kernel version is 3.16.0-67, maybe I need a newer kernel version, or are there any drivers I should install?

    For now I've enabled the PPP mode to keep compatibility with Linux.

  32. Hello, Does anyone here have b315s-936? I think they are related to HiLink.
    Because when we flash/update the firmware to 21.313, when in USB Mode, it's not detected in COM Ports(PC UI) anymore unlike the low versions. As a result, we can't send AT commands as well as return to previous firmware version.

    I followed this tutorial hoping to get back the PC UI interface but sad to say it's not working. :(

    Any other way to detect in COM Ports or to send AT Commands?

  33. nice work well !!
    how can we back to HiLink mode ?

  34. Hi
    after setting modem into PPP (AT^SETPORT="FF;12,10,16") modem dosent go into debug mode. After writing: AT^GETPORTNAME i get only:
    ^GETPORTMODE: TYPE: WCDMA: huawei,,pcui:0,modem:1,ncm:2
    Whats wrong that it doesnt open all ports..wel it even doesn't open the ones I specified as a normal mode...
    any idea?

  35. thanks, everything worked , only 10 minutes in the process

  36. What is the procedure to come back from hilink?

  37. Hello, Please help me.I have my e3372h on hilink mode and it is not connecting. I do not know what is the problem. Can I use windows 8.1 PC rather than Windows 7 and get it to stick mode.

  38. I bricked my E3372h-153 stick, please I try everything and still nothing, please can someone help me...

    1. pls give more details, what u did before bricking, and now when connect it to pc what happens?

  39. I try to upgrade him, I now when I connect him to PC nothing happen it only blinks

  40. after flashing firmware from step 4 the modem is flashing fast the green light. how can i unbrick the modem?thank you

  41. Tried and it works like a charm. But everytime (or almost) i plug in the stick i have to reinstall the datacard driver in order for the computer to recognize the key. Have i missed something?

  42. I've bricked my e3372h, The process worked fine till I've installed the FW from forlder 5. Afterwords I could not connet to the stick anymore. If I plug it in nothing happends, just keeps blinking. No Com ports show up or network adapters in the device manager. Retryed the proceudre sevral time without luck. Can someone help me please?

  43. Instructions worked well. Now when in stick-mode, Dovado pro ac works extremely well with e3372h but when connected to Asus RT-AC68U router, dongle can't get connection to 4G/LTE. Just tries to connect and keeps blinking cyan (trying to connect to 4G). What might be the issue with Asus?

  44. Wow. Working very well on windows 10. I was ready to burn my E3772 150-2 dongle. Now it's seen as "cellular device" under windows 10 like any other before. Thx.

  45. I bought the said stick from DNA for 50€ yesterday (20160809). It had a firmware with AT^NVWREX and AT^NVRDEX disabled, and it refused to update either WEBUI or the real FW, even it goes to debug and project modes when POSTed the right XML data. I only got to error #16, 'Failed to switch the download mode'.

    Solution was to follow "krnlyng liar" advise from via google translate. The solution required shorting a pin inside the modem (screws are T5) to ground for two seconds and simultaneously connecting it to computer USB port, then flashing a transitional fw and then the final stick fw.

  46. Thanks for this guide! I used it to enable the device's COM ports and change its configuration. I was fine with the current firmware ;-)

    If anybody’s looking for the same, I wrote a step-by-step tutorial:

  47. Hello, first of all thank you for this tutorial, it worked fine for me with my Huawei e3372h. I disabled Hilink mode and converted it to stick-modem mode because in router mode with Hilink I got a "dialing error" when I tried to configure the APN on it which works perfect in my smartphone and in another USB modem like Huawei e173. In stick/modem USB this APN ( works perfect and I am able to connect to Internet without problem with the native Windows mobile network manager. The problem is the connection is at less speed than in Hilink mode so...¿Anyone knows how to return/revert/back to Hilink mode from stick/modem mode please? I've been looking for it on via Google translate but I am not able to understand that "bad" translation. Thank you again and see you soon.

    1. Hello again. Finally, after a lot of hours reading and translating Russian, German, Polish and Hungarian forums I was able to revert from Stick mode to Hilink mode using the needle method ( and some easy steps changing the firmware ( Thank you and have a good night.

  48. I made a mistake. I changed IP from to something else ( but now it does not respond at all, also there is no internet connection any longer (2 green blinkings every 2 seconds, before change it was ok). I can no longer login to the HiLink menu. Is it ready for trashbin or are there any ways to recover this unit? I did that before I found this internet page, I wanted to remove "router mode" and convert into only "modem mode". But since I can no longer access my modem, I want to recover it. Surprisingly there is no "reset button" on this device so no way to start over when do mistake.

  49. Hi, thanks for this REALLY GOOD step-by-step howto. It saved me a lot of time and frustration. You wrote it professionally - exactly, really.

    Thanks for the sources...,

    Stefan ;-)

    1. Hi Stefan S., I have CL2E3372HM (E33727-153) vers.sw 22.315.01.00.1080 and vers. UI.Web
      Do you think that even in my case we can move in "Stick / modem" without problems?
      You know how to save the vers.sw 22.315.01.00.1080 before trying ?
      You also know how to reinstall it if necessary ?5

  50. Hi,
    I have made a huge mistake I guess. I wanted my E3372h-153 to have hilink mode and tried flashing the hilink firmware. But my modem came in stick mode and does not have the webui installed. So right now I can't access the web ui nor flash back the stick firmware since there is no com port... Even the mode switch will not work since the web ui firmware is not present.. Any ideas how I can save my modem?


  51. I'm sorry I made a mistake: the key is CL2E3372HM (E3372H-153)
    Regards from Bob Northern Italy

  52. Stupidily I tried to update the WebUI in E3372h-510, got Error Code 19 and now device blinks in green. Tried to use download_mode_exit but it just restart and go again to blinking. Then, I tried to use E3372h-510 downgrade (to but I get Error Code 13.

    After that, it returns current versions:
    Dashboard: WEBUI_17.

  53. Anyone have problem with "Connection terminated" with Mobile partner or "hangup" in linux when the e3372h-153 is in stick mode( My modems works fine when in hilink "original" firmware.

  54. Worked perfectly on my E3372h-510 from Movistar Argentina!! Thank you very much, now my router TP-Link MR-3020 recognize it!!

    Just a comment: I had to manually download de file "E3372h-153Update_21." for step [6] because the zip "Huawei_E3372h-153_HiLink-to-Stick" has this file "E3372h-153_Update_21." wich didn't work for my router. You can download the file here

    Thanks again!

  55. Thank you for the details. My goal is to enable NCM from a raspberry pi, but also have ttyUSB ports to access AT commands.
    I need to be able to connect to 4G LTE, plus query the modem for current network speeds, network name, connection type, etc.
    Will following your instructions achieve this?
    What "AT^SETPORT" command must I run to enable NCM, but keep the AT command port open too?

    Thank you

  56. Anyone converted a 3372h-607 from Hilink to stick mode? The process above hangs at step 4. I found h607 software on the Huawei site but it won't download successfully. Any help gratefully rx

  57. Hi there,

    Like the post mentioned above, we also get stuck at step 4 (flashing a 3372h-153).
    During this year it always worked, but with recent Huawei 3372h-153 (purchased this month with native firmware we get error-code 19 at step 4...specifically after 45% downloading files.
    We also tried with the updated workflow (9-2) mentioned above, with the same error at step 4.

    Any help would be appreciated.

    Kind regards.

  58. Dear currently own a E3372H-510, which at the start of the step [4] Huawei E3372h WebUI, this restarts and displays the Home screen, entrgando with this the Error Code (19), so still mode HiLink, and therefore it does not allow me to make a configuration of CCTV,

    Please pray to send the solution to this maner leave the device-mode router so my email is

    Stay tuned to your comment.
    Best regards

  59. Unfortunately E3372H-607 does not work with this method.
    I'm stuck with Error Code (19) with 22.xx and Error Code (13) with 21.xx

  60. Thanks a lot for your guide. However, I have some problem (Error 19) while upgrading the UI Web (step [4]).

    I have a Huawei E3372H-153 with 22.315.01.00.1080 (CL2E3372HM Ver.A) and UI Web Version

    If you have any solution for that, I would really appreciate it.

    Thank you in advance!


  61. Hello

    I am wondering does one actually pull this off?
    Whenever I disable the connection, the device goes into hidden state and any updating software does not find it anymore. Therefore it cannot be updated - no ports found. If I do it other way around and close the internet after the port has been found - still it goes hidden.
    If I don't close the 4G modem internet, then it is stuck at downloading - Error 19. The modem internet router overrides the local WiFi connection and it is stuck.

    I am on Windows 7 (32bit) and E3372h-153.

    I have a feeling that there is some important information missing from this tutorial, regarding the internet connection status. Thanks in advance.

  62. Hey there,

    managed to get back to HiLink simply by installing

    Huawei_E3372h-153_TCPU_Update_22.315.01.00.00 from

    and Huawei_E3372h_153_WEBUI_17. from

    both not modded. My model is a MEGAFON Surf Stick, which i had upgraded to NonHilink along this howto. Until now I only tested surfing the web which works like a charm in LTE mode.
    Hope I could help someone.


  63. Does the E3372 support VOICE? I tried AT^CVOICE=0 but that returns error.


  64. Am i the only one succeding but getting network unplugged at the end?

  65. hi, I would ask, my modem always interrupted when the flashing process is running. process runs properly installed is
    FW: 22.315.01.00.161
    UI: WEBUI_17.
    in addition to an update on the modem will always be interrupted in the middle of the process (almost all of which met in google fw I had been trying). how fix it?
    * Before I managed to flash modem e3372h (megafone 150-2) of HILINK to Mobile Partner, but I accidentally flash with FW 22.315.01.00.161 I guess FW Mobile Partner for the source did not give details, and Aaaah ... be like that
    please help :'(

    1. maybe you know how to forced flashing modem? I want to try HuaweiHiSiliconFirmwareWriter, but do not have money to buy...

  66. "Where do I donate money to you?". Worked fine, thanks!

  67. Is there any similar solution for the E3331 or the E3531 ?

  68. what is SPC code of Huawei Device (Service PRograming Code)

  69. Hi, I have e3372h 22.315.01.00.74 and WebUI HiLink. I've wrestled with this device trying to get it to 'stick mode' without success. Attempts to update firmware or GUI always result in device reset (manufacturers design I suspect) some have noticed this as timeout file transfer fail but I beleive the COM interfaces dissappear due to reset, by design. I can enable the COM using project mode script however any AT command making a change just returns ERROR. There is also a utube from Russia with a process to short out a pin which I also attempted without success.

    Has anyone managed to convert the later firmware? Thanks

  70. Thanks for this. I only used parts1-3, it failed on downloading new webUI. But it got me as far as getting 2 COM ports, and I could use putty to get some data to generate an unlock code. Have a great day!

  71. i give up.... no method is helping me to unlock my huawei E3372h-153.

    its now bricked. one of them keeps on blinking and inserted into the computer.

    Another one started installing HiLink firmware and got stack at the middle...

    Confused... don't know how to unlock my modem now...

  72. Thanks, it works for my E3372h-510 using the firmware E3372h-153Update_21.

    Don't work using firmare E3372h-510 !!!!!!!

  73. I have huawei e303 dongle with HiLink web UI. It is also taken to the computer as NDIS device. How can I transfer this into a basic usb dongle..?

    Thanks in advance!

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  75. E3372 (v22.315.01.00.74) Don't need to Unlock it. Where can I get drivers for Windows XP? It's a standalone PC, not connected to the internet and need to get it working in XP, as a modem with COM port to send/receive SMS'es

  76. Hi, Mine E3372 h607 broke down when i was updating as my PC suddenly rebooted. Now green light is blinking only. How can i bring back it to life? Anny suggestions? Thanks in advance

  77. Anybody been able to successfully roll this back to stock e3372h? If so, how?

  78. STUCK AT CODE 19: DOWNLOAD FAILED. Any help appreciated

  79. Hello, Is there a way to put it back to HiLink?

    Thank you!

  80. Hello, I have E3372h-607 Huawei Modem. I want it to converted in to stick mode.
    I followed your steps until [4] but it's coming up with error code 19. I tried several times
    Still comes up with error code 19.

    Please help me to resolve this problem


  81. "This will enable "PC UI" serial port required for firmware upgade"
    I got under Ports : FC- Application Interface(COM8)
    Every time in the step [4] downloading is running for half and then gives Error code 19


  82. disassemble the modem (open the 2 tiny screws, and use flat-head screwdriver or something similar to push slightly into the miniscule gap(s) around the modem's enclosure and gently pry until it pops open). download balong_usbdload, usblsafe-3372h, and balong_flash from github. put all the files in one folder along with the update executable(s). Then do the needle method (I used paperclip because I hadn't any luck with tweezer). The modem should not flash any light afterwards.

    from CMD: balong_usbdload -p usblsafe-3372h.bin

    after that, pc ui port will change. check the device manager again.

    from CMD: balong_flash -p

    if all goes well, the modem should blink green twice for every other seconds. And the same update executable can be executed(reflash) normally if needed to, without balong_flash. Just make sure the modem is in emergency boot (paperclip+balong_usbdload).

  83. The first link is not working :-(

  84. Hi all,

    If you have the error code 19, you need to enable Factory Mode by entering this command:


    After that, you will be able to flash the firmware :)

    1. Hi,
      Can u guide in details. I received error code 19 at step 4.

  85. This comment has been removed by the author.

  86. hi the link is not working please send me i need the file a lot

  87. Hi there. The zip download link is timing out for me. Would you mind looking into this when you get the chance?


  88. Hi! I have an e3372h modem. FW: 21.326.62.00.55. (non-hilink, unlocked)
    AT^SETPORT is not supported, AT^SFM=1 gives error.
    How can use it in NCM mode?


  89. Hi guys, I'm really desperate, I tried almost all the methods to downgrade my E3372H in order to unlock it, but I always get the 19 Error. I also tried AT^SFM=1 using Putty but I got Error. I tried to downgrate to E3372h-153_Update_21. and also E3372h-153_Update_22. but in all I get error 19.
    Found modem : E3372H
    Model : Huawei E3372h
    Serial NR. : G4P7S16XXXXXXXX
    Firmware : 21.318.01.00.314
    Compile date / time : Oct 28 2016 16:00:47
    Hardware ver. : CL2E3372HM
    Dashboard version : IEW_Win_4.0.8.1_20160902063500_Mac4.0.6.1_160902.045347
    SIM Lock status : unlocked
    Wrong codes entered : 0 (unlock attempts left : 10)

    Please help me, been trying for 3 days

  90. After a few careless goofs related to not following the instructions properly (I always do that. I'm such a dickwad) I succeeded. Thank you. :)

  91. Just reporting in that in 2018, these instructions still work Perfectly! I'm now able to use my E3372H as a backup connection for my Routers! Thank you :)

  92. When I run "E3372h-153_Update_22." from the "[5] Huawei E3372h-153 HiLink FW" folder, the 'Downloading programs' bar gets halfway across then states, "Error Code:19, Download failed.".

    Any ideas?

  93. for the error 19 people:

    AT^SFM=1 is the solution. Putty didn't work for me.
    Use the huawei terminal al listed here:

    direct link:!WFZzDIpJ!wrJsxpg3LsbU2hbicKv58WbeJy3ri7DsezG5u3SJLWM

    didn't check integrety if any of the files, only used it on a temporary windows.

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  95. To utilize the administration, you need your own Amazon S3 account first. The S3 alludes to Simple Storage Service that enables clients to store expansive records online
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  97. Thanks for taking the time to discuss this, I feel strongly about it and love learning more on this topic. If possible, as you gain expertise, would you mind updating your blog with extra information? It is extremely helpful for me.

  98. 2019 and your tutorial still works great. Thanks for the effort, helped me a lot!

  99. I found a 2019 firmware with advanced features here:

    E3276s-150, E3276s-210, E3276s-920, E3276s-151, E3276s-500, E3276s-152, E3276s-505, E3276s-503,
    E3276s-861, E3276s-862, E3276s-601, E3272S-153, E3272s-926, E3272s-210, E3272s-600, E3272s-506, E3272s-927

    A fresh E3372h firmware is here:


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