Digi One, PortServer etc. and double enter problem

There's annoying problem with Digi RS232 - Ethernet products (also sold BlackBox branded). Many if not most telnet clients are incompatible with their server implementation and treat single enter press as two enter presses. Incompatible clients are at least SecureCRT, Putty and one Microsoft includes with Windows. Teraterm works ok.

You can fix this problem by logging on to Digi admin interface using telnet and typing "set telnetip ip= mask= mode=striplf". Now connections from subnet will work without need for client side hacks. Besides tips on KB for Putty don't even work so you have to use "set telnetip" way. If you can't change Digi setting just press Ctrl-J instead of enter...

Extra Carriage Return or Line Feed When Using PuTTY

Microsoft Telnet with PortServer Units Results in Double Carriage Return/Line Feed (CR/LF) and a Failure to Login


  1. Thank You
    set telnetip ip= mask= mode=striplf WORKS!!!


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