Fixing manufacturer name, model and serial number on clone hardware

Soon after setting up fancy new asset management tool you realized that all your clone PCs show up with identical info. Fixable, but requires a lot of work. One more reason to go with name brand instead.

Everything below comes from forum and is written by member named Jotnar. I'm duplicating it here so I can find it quickly myself when needed and just in case that forum post disappears in future.


The ASUS boards all had an AMI BIOS and you need DMI editing tools specific to that vendor (AMI) in order to set the asset tags. IBM/Lenovo are kind enough to include them in their BIOS packages so it was just a matter of finding out which ones had which tools.

AMI has two main DOS tools to do the editing: DMI_BXX.EXE (older) and AMIDEDOS.EXE (newer). Depending on the age of your motherboard one might work better than the other.

==================== DMI Editor V2.00.44 ======================= 

Usage :  dmi_b44 </p|/s|/u|/a|/g|/n|/o|/sco # String>
        /p  : get DMI using PnP functions
        /s  : get DMI using memory search
        /u  : set UUID
        /g  : get informations in Type 1 and 2
        /n  : set Type 1 and 2 using the data which get from parameter /g
       /o # : set #th OEM String in Type 11
     /sco # : set #th String of System Configuration Options in Type 12

        /iv : setup BIOS Version in Type 0

        /sm : setup Manufacturer in Type 1
        /sp : setup Product Name in Type 1
        /sv : setup Version in Type 1
        /ss : setup Serial Number in Type 1
        /sk : setup SKUNumber in Type 1
        /sf : setup Family in Type 1

        /bm : setup Manufacturer in Type 2
        /bp : setup Product Name in Type 2
        /bv : setup Version in Type 2
        /bs : setup Serial Number in Type 2

        /cm : setup Manufacturer in Type 3
        /cv : setup Version in Type 3
        /cs : setup Serial Number in Type 3
        /ca : setup Asset Tag Number in Type 3
        /co : setup OEM-Defined data(Hexadecimal) in Type 3

    dmi_b44 /ss 012345678 ---- set serial number(Type 1) to "012345678"
    dmi_b44 /cm "AMI"     ---- set manufacture(Type 3) to "AMI"

Get it here: http://download.leno...ios/42j947a.iso
It's in the floppy emulation boot sector image

 |                   AMIDEDOS - AMIBIOS DMI Editor for DOS                   |
 | Copyright (C)2008 American Megatrends Inc. All Rights Reserved.  Ver.1.32 |
 | Usage: AMIDEDOS <DMS File Name>                                           |
 |          Or                                                               |
 |        AMIDEDOS <Command>                                                 |
 |          Or                                                               |
 |        AMIDEDOS [Option1] [Option2]...                                    |
 | ------------------------------------------------------------------------- |
 | Commands:                                                                 |
 | ---------                                                                 |
 |  /ALL [FileName]     Output SMBIOS stringd to screen/file.                |
 |  /DMS [FileName]     Create configuration file.                           |
 |  /DUMP # [#] [#]...  Read Type # data.                                    |
 |  /DUMPALL [FileName] Output all SMBIOS data to screen/file.               |
 |                                                                           |
 | Options:                                                                  |
 | --------                                                                  |
 |  /IV ["String"]  Read/Write BIOS version in Type 0.                       |
 |  /ID ["String"]  Read/Write BIOS release date in Type 0.                  |
 |  /SM ["String"]  Read/Write System manufacture in Type 1.                 |
 |  /SP ["String"]  Read/Write System product in Type 1.                     |
 |  /SV ["String"]  Read/Write System version in Type 1.                     |
 |  /SS ["String"]  Read/Write System Serial number in Type 1.               |
 |  /SU [16 Bytes]  Read/Write System UUID in Type 1.                        |
 |  /SU AUTO  Generates system UUID automatically and update Type 1.         |
 |  /SK ["String"]  Read/Write System SKU number in Type 1.                  |
 |  /SF ["String"]  Read/Write System family in Type 1.                      |
 |  /BM ["String"]  Read/Write Baseboard manufacture in Type 2.              |
 |  /BP ["String"]  Read/Write Baseboard product in Type 2.                  |
 |  /BV ["String"]  Read/Write Baseboard version in Type 2.                  |
 |  /BS ["String"]  Read/Write Baseboard Serial number in Type 2.            |
 |  /BT ["String"]  Read/Write Baseboard Asset Tag in Type 2.                |
 |  /CM ["String"]  Read/Write Chassis manufacture in Type 3.                |
 |  /CT [1 Byte]    Read/Write Chassis type in Type 3.                       |
 |  /CV ["String"]  Read/Write Chassis version in Type 3.                    |
 |  /CS ["String"]  Read/Write Chassis Serial number in Type 3.              |
 |  /CA ["String"]  Read/Write Chassis Tag number in Type 3.                 |
 |  /CO [4 Bytes]   Read/Write Chassis OEM-defined value in Type 3.          |
 |  /OS [<Number> <"String">]  Read/Write OEM string in Type 11.             |
 |  /SCO [<Number> <"String">]  Read/Write Sys. Configuration Op. in Type 12.|
 |                                                                           |
 | Note:                                                                     |
 |  1. The expression enclosed by <> means it is a mandatory field.          |
 |  2. The expression enclosed by [] means it is an optional field.          |
 |  3. A command without parameter means it is a read command.               |
 |  4. A command with necessary parameter means it is a write command.       |

Get it here: http://download.leno...s/

Manufacturer:            System manufacturer
Model:                   System Product Name
Serial Number:           Chassis Serial Number
Asset Tag:               Asset-1234567890
Motherboard:             ASUSTeK Computer INC. PXX
Motherboard Serial:      ASUS-123456789

Manufacturer:            White Box Manufacturer
Model:                   White Box Model
Serial Number:           White Box Serial Number
Asset Tag:               AssetTag
Motherboard:             ASUSTeK Computer INC. PXX
Motherboard Serial:      XXXXXXXXXXXXXX

**Tools and Commands to Set Asset Tags**

BIOS Manufacturers

DMI20_44.EXE /ca "Asset Tag"



AMIDELNX /CA "Asset Tag"

DMIDOS.EXE /ca "Asset Tag"

DMIEDITEFI.EFI /ca "Asset Tag"

DMIEDITWPE.EXE /ca "Asset Tag"


SMBCFG.EXE /type 03 08 "Asset Tag"

SMBCFG32.EXE /type 03 08 "Asset Tag"

PHLASH16.EXE /DPC "Asset Tag" /MODE=1

SFLASH16.EXE /DPC "Asset Tag" /MODE=1



*Note for the PHLASH16/SFLASH/WINPHLASH Tools: You need the BIOS file in order for this to work.

DMICFG.EXE /type 03 08 "Asset Tag"

SMBCFG.EXE /type 03 08 "Asset Tag"

SMBCFG32.EXE /type 03 08 "Asset Tag"

FLAS-HIT.EXE /D 03 08 "Asset Tag"

*Note that this only works for some versions of FLAS-HIT. This is from V6.06.05 (10/31/07) (Really from 2009).

PC/Motherboard Manufacturers

DMITOOLS.EXE /wa "Asset Tag"


DMIFLASH.EXE /T0308:"Asset Tag"  (/T0304?)

AFLASH2.EXE /DPC:"Asset Tag"

DMI.EXE /WA "Asset Tag"


CPQTAG.EXE modify asset "Asset Tag"

Modify in BIOS Settings

HP CMI and VBscript (Maybe?)

Dell Desktops
ASSET209.COM "Asset Tag"

Modify in BIOS Settings

OMCI and VBScript

Dell Laptops

ASSET.EXE "Asset Tag"

ASTAG.EXE /w "Asset Tag"

FASSET.EXE "Asset Tag"


Modify in BIOS Settings

OMCI and VBScript

Dell Servers (EFI)
ASSET.EFI -a "Asset Tag"

Modify in BIOS Settings

OMCI and VBScript

SERIALNO.EXE ChAT.write="Asset Tag"

BCMDMI.EXE /CA "Asset Tag"

Modify in BIOS Settings

HP CMI and VBScript

EXTRMDMI.EXE asset "Asset Tag"

DDMI.EXE --type=03 --offs=08 "Asset Tag"

OEMDMI.EXE /CA "Asset Tag"

OEMDMI2.EXE /CA "Asset Tag"

ITOOKIT.EXE install -smbios -ini=DMI.INI
    ChassisAssetTag=$PROMPT$, Enter Chassis Asset Tag

VARDMI.EXE /VAR dmiinfo.txt
    AssetTagNumber=Asset Tag

VARDMI2.EXE /VAR dmiinfo.txt
    AssetTagNumber=Asset Tag

DMISS2.EXE /pc "Asset Tag"


SU.EXE -type 3 /WRDMI 08 "Asset Tag"

WDMI.EXE /CA "Asset Tag"

MFGSMB -Q -CA "Asset Tag"

MPRW.EXE /Wasset "Asset Tag"


SONYDMI.EXE /T0308:"Asset Tag" (/T0304?)


DMIRED.EXE /CA "Asset Tag"

SMB268.EXE /CAT "Asset Tag"

So that should cover most everything. Most tools need to run from DOS (as in a bootable floppy or USB key). The ones that run under Windows should be rather easy to figure out since they usually have a "W", "WIN" or "32" in the name. If the PC/Motherboard manufacturer specific tools don't work then the generic BIOS manufacturer tools might. If it still doen't let you set the Asset Tag, make sure you're running the latest version of the BIOS for the machine. My whitebox with the Phoenix BIOS wouldn't let me update the Asset Tag field until I'd updated the BIOS (I guess one of the fixes was to make that field writable). As to where to find these tools? They come with some (not all) of the BIOS updates that the manufacturers put out. They might also be found on the manufacturer's ftp sites or provided on the discs that come with your system or motherboard.



  1. I'm looking for help I have an HP Compaq Elite 8000 Convertible Minitower PC

    The problem from the start is that in error messages appear to update the BIOS and firmware and after updating the BIOS this error occurred and change the input uuid to me FFFFFFFF-FFFF-FFFF-FFFF-FFFFFFFFFFFF

    Please I need any program that has the ability to fix this error and return the correct number


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