Using dynamic DNS with OpenWrt

Didn't see this documented anywhere so here it is. How to use Finnish dynamic DNS service with OpenWrt router.

Login to OpenWrt web interface, usually on

  • System > Software

    • Install luci-app-ddns

  • Services > Dynamic DNS

    • These work with Finnish service

    • Add checkbox to Enable

    • Service: Custom:

    • Update url:  http://[USERNAME]:[PASSWORD][DOMAIN]

    • Hostname: Hostname you created via management page

    • Username: Email you used to register with

    • Password: Umm..

    • Change Force update to 120 hours

    • Rest of settings can be left as-is

    • Save & Apply

UPDATE: As January 17th 2012 there's bug in OpenWrt ddns scripts that cause DNS updating to only work when network interface is named "wan". See ticket 7570 on OpenWrt bug tracker for details, fix and current status.


  1. Have you checked that this still works? I still can't get this to work with OpenWrt 14.07 with following file:


    I have a custom bash script in the crontab of my laptop but this would be so much easier. But it has one advantage. It supports https. I assume this can support as well but you need to add a parameter for wget or curl to some file.


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